Adan Partners

Adan Partners is a human size enterprise.  


Along the years and the unique situations we have dealt with, we have developed solid partnership with specialized organizations and leading experts around the globe.  


Our selection criteria are based on ethics and experience, as decisive factors.



We share common professional principles, and we work in control and in confidence with our partners.


We voluntarily have no marketing department and follow no stories already written. We come from different backgrounds including government and military agencies, auditing, psychology, legal and information technology.

 Working with a close team of multidisciplinary partners allow us to provide comprehensive solutions that give you the actionable insight you need to ensure your operations can survive in uncertain environments and situations.

Our assumed strategy offers the following advantages:

Higher level of control over confidentiality and data protection.

A direct "field vision" from selectedhighly skilled professionals.

Controlled costs as we have no marketing and administration extra costs.

We provide our core services in 4 different languages including French, English, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin.

Details of our partners and operatives are exclusively provided to our clients.

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