ADAN PARTNERS, Crisis management

Adan Partners is a consultancy founded by Stephane Dana.

For over three decades, handling international security threats and crisis responses with organizations such as PINKERTON, NYA INTERNATIONAL, and S-RM, Adan Partners has developed a professional vision that goes beyond Crisis Management.


We believe that crisis Management essentially address human MINDSET

Coping with the unknown, is at first a matter of MINDSET. You may have plans in place but when danger suddenly occurs, no plan can resist the confrontation. Crisis Management is essentially a living process, a mindset culture that lighten and structure the response of those confronted with a crisis. 

Crisis management is a TEAMWORK 

"We, is more important than I".

We believe that the Crisis Management mindset should be integrated into the culture of any organization. A well-trained organization is the best resource to navigate through difficulties. Crisis Management starts ahead of a crisis, in slow-times and is a teamwork.

Crisis management needs to be infused EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Planning, training, exercising, testing, and lessons learned from real-life experiences, are important parts to build a Crisis Management capability. In addition, we believe that emotions have their own space into decision processes. Understanding the logic of emotions instill true calm and inspire confidence to respond with a sense of urgency to both strategic and tactical levels. Emotions management help to go beyond your comfort zone, to face the unknown. 



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