ADAN PARTNERS, Crisis management

Confidential crisis response

For 15 years, Adan Partners was exclusively and successively retained by NYA International, then by S-RM, to respond to the crises of insured and non-insured customers.

We have helped corporate clients, families, NGOs, and governments, to resolve cases of kidnapping, extortion, threats to lives, piracy, subversive destabilization, illicit trade, malicious product tampering, missing persons, bomb threats, terrorist attacks, and illegal detention. We have responded to crisis in every region of the world, and we have tailored effective, proven strategies and tactics. 

In the event of a kidnap or threat to life incident, we will immediately deploy our specialized advisors who will be with you, throughout the case to:

  • Evaluate the situation and provide advice on possible options.
  • Recommend negotiation strategies and tactics.
  • Provide guidance on all aspects of an incident or crisis.

Threat and risk management

We developed three services to help you to proactively identify and mitigate security threats and risks challenges, safeguarding your integrity and stability.

Threat and risk assessment

We identify and analyze key vulnerabilities, physical, virtual, and environmental, that could be exploited by potential threatening actors or subversive crime. We highlight critical points and areas where measures are recommended to reduce your vulnerabilities.

Threat and Risks mitigation

Based on our assessment, or based on actual threats, we design comprehensive solutions and implement countermeasures to protect your people, assets, and projects.

Training, workshops and awareness campaigns

We help you to create a resilient collective security culture, driven by training and awareness campaigns. We ensure your people have integrated a protective mindset associated with relevant measures in their activities and feel secure.

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